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A sense of luxury with amenity kit


A sense of luxury with amenity kit

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Have you ever thought an amenity kit can bring a message of luxury and prestige?

And while it is being created, in it were involved marketers, designers, artists and premium brands? I recently got an information on Air France’s new comfort kits designed for long-haul flights in business and Premium Economy. As I was reading, the communicator in me began to ask a bunch of questions: where and when did the idea of ​​these kits come up, what their meaning is, who is behind their choice and design, why they are so important.
I was so keen on finding out, read a bunch of articles and in the end – decided to share with you what I learned.

How to create a top amenity kit?
Based on my mini study, I came to the conclusion this is an art. Luxury brands, cosmetics manufacturers, subcontractors and specialized agencies take part. Often these special compliments for passengers outweigh the practical application and acquire a wider cultural meaning. For example, in Australia, a team of artists has been gathered with the mission to create unique kits to carry the spirit of the continent.

What does an amenity kit contain?
A package of mini-size cosmetics, earplugs, sleeping mask and other useful things packed in an attractive way. What makes these items particularly successful is the feeling of exclusivity, high value at the most accurate moment. That is what the partnership with a prestigious cosmetic brand contributes for.

did it all start?
The Golden Age of Civil Aviation, or the 1950s. Luxury service on board of Air France – Parisian special to New York was mythical* and known all over the world. Passengers received private cabins, gourmet meals and Champagne.

What features should have a great amenity kit?
• incarnate the spirit and values of the airline
• be memorable
• create a sense of luxury and prestige
• be useful, providing more than expected and needed
• have a collectible value
• be interesting, memorable and unique in order to make the traveler take it with them after the flight
• be eco-friendly and environmentally responsible


In partnership with Air France


* If you want to find out more – check the website of Air France Museum.

(It was a bit funny when I read in another source that at the dawn of the long-haul flights passengers themselves were bringing bedclothes and toiletries, but soon afterwards the airlines started to offer the passengers a variety of extras that later evolved to the amenity kit. It took quite some time for the luxury brands to be included in the equation.)


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