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The socks: the latest fashion super accessory


The socks: the latest fashion super accessory

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I am very glad that this socks publication is eventually a fact. I’ve been following for weeks the rising strength of that seemingly ordinary, common and super mass product.

The socks are about to become the most powerful and influential fashion accessory. The secret weapon of fashion, as named by The Business of Fashion.

After the rise of micro-bags, major luxury industry brands  began to look for another accessory that is wearable and affordable. So, the stellar moment of socks came. An accessory for which people are more likely to spend money. The big collaborations, such as Rihanna x Stance, one of the world’s largest socks makers, have been born quite naturally.


I admit, over the past few years I was wearing the most microscopic socks ever. They could not be seen above my shoes, creating the barefoot illusion. A few trips to Milan later, the admiration for the men’s style there and the variety in store, made me start reconsidering.

Actually, while I was watching the rise of the sock boots and some really great street style ideas, I realized socks are the coolest, easiest and most affordable way to transform outfits during the autumn-winter season. With a relatively small investment in buying several pairs of socks, shoes already available, rich imagination and a little courage, a stunning result can be achieved.



Sandals with socks, loafers with socks, heeled shoes with socks, slides with socks… These are just a few of the possible combinations. Honestly, I do not believe in sock boots. However, I’m definitely a fan of the effect that can be achieved by a pair of classy heels and cool mid-rise socks. This combination is also pretty beneficial because it optically makes thinner leg.


One’s colorful personality can’t help but reveal itself with a splashy pair of Stance socks.


This quote won me from the very first reading. The more I learned about Stance alongside our cooperation, the more I became a fan of this brand and its philosophy. Brand for those who dare to be different. A brand that, for less than five years, has managed to turn a super ordinary product category into an absolute success. Now, Stance is making socks for professional athletes (including NBA players!), music , fashion, comics fans – to name a few and for everyone who wants to show their individuality.

Socks are one of the easiest and most creative ways to express ourselves, to give color and mood of our day, to look different. With the right selection, we can elevate our style to a higher level and give it a luxurious radiance.

In Bulgaria Stance can be purchased at Contrabanda and Foot Court stores.

Photos: Martina Todorova, Stance


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