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My French hair care for the autumn


My French hair care for the autumn

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Today I will tell you about a French brand that has become my ally for taking care of my hair in the autumn season: Eugène Perma.

I have been dying my hair for years, and last summer I opted for blond platinum. To achieve such a color, it is necessary to bleach the hair, which, despite the advanced technology, is an extra stress for it. I wanted a nice color and at the same time – beautiful, healthy hair. When we add to this the seasons transition, the equation began to look rather complicated.

I knew about Eugène Perma because of my frequent trips to France *. In a conversation with a friend I found out the brand is also present in Bulgaria and that I can get a professional advice in order to choose the best home care for my hair. Thus, since November I have begun to test the products of Eugène Perma from Nature by Cycle Vital line.

What are the results so far?

My hair is much easier to brush, shiny. I feel it hydrated and livelier, and my color is preserved until the next visit to the hairdresser. In general, my hair is rather dry because it is treated. At the same time, during the transition to the winter season, the mist and the wearing of hats, it has a tendency for a slight ointment in the root. Since I’ve been using the Eugène Perma serie, I notice that this not the case anymore (and I’m very happy!).

When I use a hair or body product, I want it to be efficient and, at the same time – gentle and environment friendly. The line Nature by Cycle Vital is exactly like this – composed of certified organic ingredients without parabens and sulfates. Natural ingredients with proven beneficial effects. In addition, the products are made in France, which in itself is an excellent quality guarantee.



What I use for my hair since November:

Nature by Cycle Vital Shampoo, which nourishes the shine of colored hair and contributes to the protection of the hair’s health. It prolongs the intensity of the color and is enriched with blackberry extract.

• After the shampoo, I apply Nature by Cycle Vital mask to nourish and take care of the color. It is also enriched with organic blackberry extract and helps color retain and strength of the hair.
• In the end I finish with Nature by Cycle Vital Volume Foam, which has been developed for plumping fine color-treated hair. The product contains walnut extract and bamboo (rich in lipids, proteins and trace elements). Foam has an incredible aroma and I think I’m slightly addicted to it. It also helps me to have a nice volume and density, while keeping the lightness of the hair.


Modern is hair which is been taken care of. Without care and styling, it looks sad, say the French ambassadors of the brand, David Corneloup et Ludovic Geheniaux.

* In fact, it turned out this is one of the brands with the longest experience in the industry. Founded in 1918 till today it remains dedicated to innovation in hair care. The products are entirely made in France (the laboratory is in Paris and the production is in Champagne-Ardenne region), which guarantees their quality. For me, it is also important the responsible behavior towards environmental protection, e.g. non-toxic waste is part of the brand’s commitment to the society.

Here you can learn more about the products offered in Bulgaria, as well as make your consultation to choose the most appropriate care.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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