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How to have a long-lasting manicure while enjoying healthy and beautiful nails?


How to have a long-lasting manicure while enjoying healthy and beautiful nails?

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I have always wanted to have healthy and beautiful nails, polished impeccably. Let me share with you,

relatively late I began wearing gel and shellac nail polishes. I was doing it basically when I was traveling to make sure my nails were in good shape without wasting my time. However, I was worried, that after the removal of these products, my nails did not look particularly healthy.


A few months ago, I discovered a unique patent: a semi-permanent Sopolish Protect & Peel’s technology for healthy nails, developed by ProNails *. In practice, it achieves a lasting effect and at the same time – it respects the health & vitality of natural nails.

At the beginning of the month I visited SELENA ES Academy to test this new method.


Essentially, Sopolish technology is nourishing therapy that does not damage nails. This makes it a very good alternative to gel polish.

What is the basis of this innovative system?

• Nourishing Vital Nail Serum, a 9-step healer that smooths the nail plate, nourishes and restores nails, while stimulating their growth;
• Sopolish Vital Nailskin sticker, which protects and strengthens natural nails. The sticker is very fine and transparent, and there are 11 sizes that match the different shapes and sizes of nail tiles;
Sopolish that is easy to apply as a simple nail polish and cures fast under LED light;
Peel-Off technology for peeling off the sticker – no buffing, no drilling, no filing, just pure respect for the natural nail. The best thing is that under this sticker, after removal, the nail is glossy, strong and flawless.

I do not know if I have already told you, I adore wearing dark nail polish on my hands. For the festive month of December I chose Seriously misguided (Sopolish n 176) – a dark purple with multicolored brocade. On the forefingers we added Blooming nail stickers, which makes it easier to create a 3D nail design.

Semi-permanent solution of ProNails provides beautiful and healthy nails for a minimum of two weeks. The duration of the procedure is standard – 60 minutes. Only the first visit is a little longer until you determine the size of the base stickers for each finger and make a client file. Removing takes just 5 minutes!

In this period of transition to winter, my nails were not in good condition – they were fragile and divided. Now I’m glad I found a solution for beautiful and healthy manicure!

For information about the professional salons where you can have this manicure, you can contact the specialists of SELENA ES Professional Cosmetics. Home care products can be found at SELENA ES showroom in Sofia: 8 Kapitan Raycho Nikolov Street (facing Botevgradsko shose), where the SELENA ES Academy is located.

* ProNails is a high-end innovative Belgian brand, with more than 30 years of experience on the market, specializing in hand care.


Photos: Martina Todorova



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