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10 Reasons for not celebrating New Year


10 Reasons for not celebrating New Year

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It’s been quite some time I was tempted to post my list of reasons why we should not celebrate New Year. After some rebounds and hesitations, I decided to publish it this year. There it is:

  • Everyone feels obliged to have a super cool time. In practice, in 99% cases results are completely mediocre, accompanied by stress, nervous breakdowns and dissatisfaction.
  • The times when we’ve had really great times have been almost always unplanned, spontaneous and in non-commercial periods. Remember Beigbeder, who said once: “the greatest feasts are those that happen inside us.
  • It was about time to stop stimulating this bickering profit, where one pays hundreds of bucks for muddy food, dodgy alcohol and dull music. For the same cash, it is possible to spend a weekend abroad and have certainly more fun.
  • Because the feeling of a holiday is not supposed to be programmed on a given day.
  • Because we buy expensive bullshit we probably will not wear anymore. Have you noticed how, especially for the holidays, mysteriously, all good-quality goods disappear.
  • Honestly, the concept of a New Year party is anachronistic and dull. If baffles me how, on 31 Dec. restaurants are terrible, clubs are worthless, home parties lose their charm dramatically, trips are meaningless. (Have you ever thought why corporate Christmas-New Year’s parties are happening from the beginning to the third week of December? In some cases – even in the first days of January? Except financially, I can tell, this approach is supported by other arguments.)
  • I cannot count the number of “super cool” parties where I was wondering how to leave ASAP knowing how much more fun I’d be lying on my couch, drinking a cup of really nice champagne and watching a favorite movie.
  • Let’s not forget the taxis, which become particularly puzzling. Taking a taxi turns into a real challenge (and is billed as a premium service).
  • Because of the firecrackers – they really piss me off! This primitive way of celebrating with pyrotechnic shit, besides being unpleasant, is a serious risk of crippling people and animals. The stress that firecrackers cause on animals is immeasurable.
  • And, because by presumption, everything that is massive is lame.


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PS: I want to emphasize that I love the New Year, as well as any new beginning. I always look at them with faith and hope. For me, the new year started a few days ago – with a new attitude, creating new habits and preparing for a journey in a new and completely unknown place.

So, I wish you all to be healthy and happy and to make your dreams come true in 2018!

Photos: Martina Todorova


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