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My top 5 favorite ads


My top 5 favorite ads

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Today, I am about to share with you some ads that have really impressed me and have become my top favorites over the years.

Here they are:

Oh! My dog – Longchamp

Coco Rocha is so cute here, we have a fabulous dog, cool song and gorgeous bags. The spot is over 5 years old, but it still feels nice seeing it:


Zidane and the new soccer season on Canal +

When I first saw the spot on French TV as was roaring with laughter. The idea is absolutely great. Zidane, on top of his football player glory is painting the field lines and says with his accent from Marseille: Eh oui, c’est la reprise! (something like Hey, we are back again.) Unfortunately, ad is pretty old and I could not find it in better quality.


The new Eau de Parfum Miss Dior and Dior Love Chain campaign

That’s one of those ads you literally watch non-stop as soon as appear in public. In 45 sec spot you see the dreamy life: lots of travel, audacity, extreme adventures, luxury and love. Super strong and impactive spot, completed by the song of SIA!



La nuit de l’homme – Yves Saint Laurent and Vincent Cassel

Well, I can hardly resist Vincent Cassel. That ad, where he is an irresistible and mysterious man hits the spot! Action takes place in Paris at night.



Stance – the uncommon thread

Super intelligent and punchy ad by Stance where there is actually no product placement. Strong messages towards people who are not followers but choose their own path and dare to be true to their selves. (And yes, Rihanna is in there too!)


So you guys, have you seen any of these ads? Which are your favorite spots?  🙂




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