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Designers radar: the bags of M Point


Designers radar: the bags of M Point

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I just realized I haven’t written for a quite some time about one of my fave accessories: the bags! So, I take note and today I have something special for you: a street story with powdery colors, animal prints and … bags.

I remember, when I was in high school  I was always looking for a way to look different from the others. I was annoyed everything in stores was super mass and banal. That is why, at that time, I was inventing combinations, putting accessories (some of them even made by myself), I was roaming in my parents’ wardrobes. Later, this aspiration persisted and so, I began discovering young designers and brands. By the way, these contacts have become one of the reasons for creating the blog. To date, I mix daily and fairy-tale, big brands and basics, street and independent designers, but always looking for quality fabrics.

As often happens in life, I first met the founder of M. Point accidentally, last summer. A young brand, born of passion for fashion, beauty, balance, things that create impact. The brand name comes from initial – M as Mariana and a point. And she is a person, who after years of working in corporate world, decides to follow her greatest dream. A conversation with a friend in fashion industry sets the beginning of a line of high-quality leather bags. Beginning is not easy because business and its environment are completely new for her. She is meeting people, traveling the country to find the best producers. (Bulgaria has solid traditions in the production of leather bags and many high-end brands choose to entrust their production here.) In Italy, she finds the finest leathers and finishing details. Inspiration is everywhere – architecture, garment, handsome person, bag, hair color…

The concept is short and clear: clean lines, quality leathers, beautiful and balanced product, a combination of colors and fabrics. Bags aiming at connoisseurs of uniqueness, non-massive, of quality in small boutique series.

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  1. I’m a bag lover and sometimes its difficult to save for your hobbies so I’ll try as much as possible to save more money and buy such amazing products at discount.

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