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When lifestyle and fashion take up the sky


When lifestyle and fashion take up the sky

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Today I will tell you a story about airplanes, travel, lifestyle and fashion viewed from a different angle. I’ve shared with you plenty of fashion and beauty tips for a flight or a trip. Now we’ll look at what’s going on with the cabin crew style,

and I’ll tell you about a new approach to dressing up in the sky.

Have you looked at the cabin crew uniforms? Have you been impressed or intrigued by them? For so many years and flights, I’ve seen a lot of airlines and I have always observed with interest the clothing of the board staff. In most cases, it is standard, aligned with work environment and quite conservative. I have often wondered why this is so, given that behind some uniforms are the names of designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior and others.
Recently, a fresh and innovative approach to style in the skies and the overall experience called journey, popped up. This is Joon – the new generation travel experience by Air France. A company that connects its identity with millennials – the people who know how to enjoy every moment and seek for quality experiences to share with others.

In fact, Joon is an electric blue color, and more precisely: pantone 2736C. According to the messages of colors, this blue symbolizes dynamics, sky, space and travel. It also makes think summer as it sounds like June.


Uniforms of board staff are inspired by the new codes in fashion – basic and chic at the same time. The garments are inspired by the customer profile and are made from classic and modern fabrics. Flight attendants wear slim pants, white sneakers from Le Coq Sportif, ballerina flats, polo shirts, stylized sailor stripes. The brand also thinks sustainability and environment as some of the fabrics used for the garments are made of recycled plastic bottles.

So, what do you think of these uniforms?
Alongside my profession and experience over the years, I think the ability to go beyond the pure characteristics of a given product or service, offering an experience and lifestyle is what distinguishes the big brands.


Photos: Martina Todorova, visuals: Joon





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