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The best professional skin care for the new season: therapy by Esthederm


The best professional skin care for the new season: therapy by Esthederm

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Over the past years I have learned to perceive returning back to the city after the summer vacation as a new beginning. A new season, new dynamics, new changes: and in order to make the most of them, it’s nice to adapt properly. One of my secrets to success in this endeavor is the skin care I am about to share with you:

Have you noticed how it is becoming sensitive because of the changing seasons? It is so tangible to me and to ensure a smoother and healthier transition, I decided to add the specialized care in the salon to my skin care routine at home.

As you know, I’ve been taking care of my skin for a few months now with selective French cosmetics Esthederm. I believe the French know-how in Aesthetic Dermatology is the best and I really like their approach to supporting natural beauty, age management and skin processes in a wise, balanced and sparing way.

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On an autumn afternoon, I spent about an hour and a half and visited Medesta – Medical and Aesthetic Center, a place in the heart of Sofia, which offers Esthederm’s professional treatments. Stanislava Sabeva or Stasi, as her many clients and friends call her, won me immediately with her fine presence, professionalism and knowledge.

The procedure itself is a moment of relaxation, switching off from everyday life in a few steps:
First step: Cleaning

The starting point is the emblematic Esthederm ritual Osmoclean which takes 20 minutes.

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Eyes and lips are cleansed with a two-phase makeup remover, and the entire face, neck and neckline with cleansing milk. It is followed by the gentle deep pore cleanser that, as like a vacuum, cleans the pores. Gentle, it is applied with circular movements to rub into the skin and changes its color – from creamy it becomes thick white. This cream also exists as a home care. Depending on the skin type it can be used 1 to 3 times a week.

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Next comes the lightening buffing mask. It is applied as a cream, couple of minutes are needed to dry out and as very fine flakes it is removed from the skin. The mask is so gentle, it is also applied on the lower eyelid, because there are also dead cells that have to be peeled off. Removing is very easy without any feel of tension or discomfort.

After the mask, you can also apply a peeling gel. It is not mandatory, but it is applied to a skin that is older and which has signs of photo aging, small wrinkles, pigmentation. It contains a small amount of acid and has a slight pinching effect. If a gel is applied, the step is called Osmopeel and the procedure is extended by 5 minutes. The gel is used to further refresh the skin. It is accompanied by a light massage that reduces the feeling of pinching the skin. It is washed with lukewarm water.

Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (5)

My favorite moment is the application of the cellular water because it is super refreshing. After the water sprays, a relaxing point massage at eight points.
Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (6)

Step Two: Analysis and treatment

The face is already cleaned and after analysis the most appropriate skin treatment is chosen. At the end of the summer I was recommended the Intensive Hyaluronic – a hydration treatment.
Firstly a hyaluronic mask is applied for a few minutes.

Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (8)

Mask is followed by intensive hyaluronic serum. It contains the three molecules of hyaluronic acid – medium molecular weight, high molecular weight and encapsulated hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid of medium molecular weight penetrates deeper into the skin, high-molecular – at the epidermis level, and encapsulated – on the surface of the skin to help maintain moisture.
Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (9)

After the serum follows Intensive Hyaluronic cream, which has a richer texture.
Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (10)

For the finish, another product that has greatly impressed me and is part of Esthederm’s patented formulas: City Protect Spray. Each procedure ends with it, providing global cellular protection against the aggressive factors of the urban environment: sun, wind, pollution.

Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (11) Styleinspiratrice_Esthederm_Treatment (12)

After the treatment, I had this feeling of freshness and lightness, of instant illumination of the skin. I was impressed by the fact treatment is following a very strict order, each gesture has it its sequence, each movement has meaning and effect.

And in conclusion I will summarize:
• We must always pay attention to the three areas: face, neck, neckline
• For optimum results, it is good to combine home care with professional care
The beautiful skin never goes out of fashion

Photos: Martina Todorova

In partnership with Eshtederm


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