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Some birthday thoughts, practical ideas and more


Some birthday thoughts, practical ideas and more

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Hours after entering my new age, I’m sitting with my laptop and I’m in a hurry to share the emotions and thoughts that after my birthday.

First of all, thank you for the energy and all the wishes you sent me over the past day. I cannot describe how happy I feel from this sincere support. Even if 1/10 of these wishes happens it will be more than fantastic. So


from all my heart and let all the best come back to you big time!

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I admit, it was hard for me, at first, to feel the magic of this occasion, to rediscover the enthusiasm I previously organized my small and bigger occasions with. (To point out the times when I almost made up festivities, just to have one more opportunity to gather friends and relatives. There are some pretty curious stories on this topic, but I will reveal them in another post. 😉 )

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The difference this year was that I intentionally decided to stay in Sofia for my birthday. Over the past years, it was happening that I was traveling at that time and the day itself was not that special. It was the trip that gave me the feeling of festivity.

October 7, 2017: By the end of the summer I began to wonder how to mark this day. I thought I could ask you for fresh ideas. And … bingo! I got some amazing ideas and tips on Facebook: most of them related to travel, but also a picnic party in Vitosha mountain, treat day, etc.

Later on, again on Facebook I got a precious feedback for the b-day cake and the best places in Sofia to order it! I am sharing it here:

After all, the idea of ​​marking the day came out by a pleasant coincidence. On 7/10 Upsurt had a concert in Sofia. I told you I am a super hip-hop fan, and they’ve been my favorite band ever since, so it was just great! I spent my day surrounded by some of my closest friends, and that was the most important.

A new period has begun today, with a new number in my age. I took the chance to wish for something very special. And in just 365 days I will tell you if it happened!

I am wearing, straight from the runway, a dress from the latest collection Mademoiselle Credo by Ina Assa. Silk with the color of soft caramel and my favorite wrap dress cut – it was love at first sight. I completed the look with my lovely velvet sneakers by Högl in order to start this new year of my life with effortlessness, noble fabrics and style.

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Photos: Martina Todorova


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