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DIY: Tips for your first Badoo Date


DIY: Tips for your first Badoo Date

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Dating is fun and great way to meet new people (and the special one) and to get out of our comfort zone. It may take some time before meeting the right person but still this is an exciting journey not to be missed. And the best way to enjoy it is to do it with style and confidence.

In my early twenties I really enjoyed online dating. I think now process has evolved significantly, especially thanks to specialized apps like Badoo. I first heard about it I was studying in France. In fact, Badoo is the biggest dating app in the world with 340 Mo registered users worldwide! This is a safe platform where people can meet. You set filters and voilà, you meet whoever you want, wherever and whenever. Chat, visits, likes, favorites and matches – all the elements are present to create meaningful connections based on objective and verified criteria (friends in common, rich profiles, etc.) There is also a moderation team 24/7 to ensure the security and safety of the overall experience.



So, in addition to that, all you need is a good styling strategy. Here, I’ve summarized my simple and efficient styling tips and tricks for a first date:

  1. Be yourself. Make an effort to get the best of you but don’t try too hard. Think of your best features and details you care most about: get your nails done, buy a new dress, get a blow-dry but make it look effortless.
  2. Be chic. Don’t be afraid to be (a bit) overdressed. Feminine dress, exquisite jewelry, silk scarf are always a good idea.
  3. Be comfortable – flats are definitely a good first date fit (unless you go to a place with a specific dress code). They will also help you down-dress the outfit in case of any doubts.
  4. Be natural – go to the hairdresser for a blow-dry but do it the day before the date. This way, the hair will find its own shape and texture and will have this effortless Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi that will make you look great! Don’t overdo makeup. Personally, I prefer emphasizing my eyes and wearing nude lipstick of brighter shades of pink / coral. This way you get a natural glow and take no risk of leaving lipstick on you glass and being obliged to fix it too often instead of concentrating on your date! 😉
  5. Be classy – wear good fabrics. Silk, cotton, wool, cashmere, linen always upgrade even the simplest look.
  6. Be happy: Audrey Hepburn said that happy girls are the prettiest. So, don’t forget your smile– the biggest beautifier ever!
  7. Be confident: you have met a great person, you have a date and, on top of that, you have all you need in terms of styling with these simple and effective tips. Good luck!

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  1. Very useful tips Vanina! I' always in doubt if trying or not the online dating, but I think if I never try, I never know! XOXO Cami

    • Vanina

      Same for me dear! I am considering retrying however! One of my readers told me couple of days ago she met her husband after an online date... You never know :)

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