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The perfect outfit for a first date


The perfect outfit for a first date

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Hello, today I am sharing with you I recently found out and immediately adored: the perfect outfit for a first date! I love the emotion of the first meetings, but I have wondered so many times what the heck to put on in order to get the wow effect from the opposite side. 😉

The truth is that in such situations, the most important thing is to feel:

  • beautiful and irresistible in an effortless and way
  • comfortable in the clothes we wear

So, to the point: I recently found this awesome black linen romper and the first thing that popped in my mind was that it was perfect for a first date.

Styleinspiratrice_Thumbelina_Romper (1)

This is why:

  • it is black, elegant and minimalistic – discreetly complements and highlights the look
  • it has the best possible balanced cut and proportions to show what we’ve got and at the same time – leave enough to the imagination
  • it follows the body curves without emphasizing them too much
  • it is basically kind of trousers, so even the strongest gust of the wind cannot surprise us unpleasantly
  • it can be worn everywhere – at a picnic, on a walk, on a football match, on a fine dinner and in tha club
  • it looks equally well with heels and flats
  • it is made of linen and has super cool bee buttons.

Styleinspiratrice_Thumbelina_Romper (2)

The creators of this unique outfit are the young designers of the brand Thumbelina. Very soon I will tell you more about them! Stay tuned.

Here you can see how I made this hairstyle.

And what about you, babes: what do you wear on a first date?

Styleinspiratrice_Thumbelina_Romper (3)

Photos: Martina Todorova


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