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Skate is…

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In this Back to school spirit I remembered the thrills of school life, and in particular: the admiration and the strong sympathy for skate culture and skaters in particular (we were all secretly or obviously in love at that time). Unfortunately, I did not learn to skate, but my sister was doing pretty well. So I challenged her to recall these years and to share with us me more about the skate emotion here.

Skate is … Nostalgia. Careless summer days. Time for new friends. Thrills and first boyfriend. Community you belong to. Inspiration. Way to express the different in you, freedom, without trying to fit in. At 15, it is a revolution – a way to declare yourself to you and your parents – because of skate you defend what you want, in spite of what they say or allow, you build a character.

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The skate goes together with lots of shameful moments – “you are a girl, you cannot do anything, what is this?“. It is challenging to succeed in something that is defined for guys, surprising others, trying something that you will hurt yourself in 90% of the cases, but in 10% you will succeed and you will be happy you have overcome fear, pain, prejudices, proving that if you have patience and desire, passion for something, everything is possible.

Skate is the scene of everything wild, extreme, thirsty for freedom and independence, boiling in those years in me.

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He has an idol – Eric Coston, unfortunately married pretty young 😉

As well as favorite places – the Memorial, the high-school yard and all the skate-shops at that time.
It goes together with music – here’s my playlist:

is inspired by the movies of 411, Circa, etc., was melting on Grind and training on THPS 2 …

It has its own style to dress, it wears it raised head, not giving a dime to what the others say – black suede sneakers, pants with pockets, Hawaiian shirts…

Styleinspiratrice_Skate_Ross_Contrabanda (6) Styleinspiratrice_Skate_Ross_Contrabanda (8)

Skate is not eternal – sometimes it may be the end of summer, the loss of a loved one, the first touch with death and its unexpected swing, changing everything. Then in the collision between the happiest skate summer and the most miserable event to date in your life, it feels like you’re losing a part of you. You grow and the skate evolves.

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Skate opens a new beginning – what you have built up in your character is never lost. The passion for it and the rebellious spirit, the freedom, they do not die, they find their way to the surface and at 30 they pop-up in a different shape – trips, camping summers, colorful hair, concerts and festivals, humming birds, etc…

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Fifteen years later the skate is back again and drives you with that power. It is the wakeup call you need – how important it is, actually, to be able to keep something out of your childhood, to preserve your passion for something of yours, in which you believe, even at the price of dozens of falls and mocking.

Sk8 is….gr8! o<<)8

Text: Rossi
Photos: Martina Todorova

I am wearing: tee The Sucker Pop Shop, skirt Butterfiles by Slavina Petrova, sneakers Vans Old Skool by Contrabanda

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