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A car for travel and adventures


A car for travel and adventures

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That’s what I thought when I first saw it: a car for travel and adventures! Pearly white, sparkling in the sun, magnificent and with character: the new Renault Koleos.

It’s hardly a secret for somebody that lately there are only trips are in my mind. Even my fashion stories have gained a traveling flavor and a desire for new horizons.

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Recently, I was having dinner with a friend who travels quite often. He told me he dreamed of being able to go anywhere with his car no matter how many hours this would take, because he likes to drive and hates to fly by plane. I am rather the opposite case and if I can get to somewhere by airplane, I am more than glad. Still, there are some exceptions, when car travel is a real pleasure and turns into a nice, elegant adventure.

When I saw this car, it was a sincere like it at first sight: the sparkling pearl color, the elegant shapes, the sense of detail. I said we would definitely have a nice experience together.

I admit that when it comes to cars, what I look at first is look, design, small details and large sizes. For me it is important that a car is spacious and comfortable because I am almost 1.80m and I need a place around me! (Additionally, the ladies here will understand that it’s always cool to know that you can get as long as you want luggage that will remain elegant and discreetly assembled and stacked in the trunk!)

Styleinspiratrice_Renault_Koleos (4)

I totally loved the hands-free open/close powered automatic tailgate option:

I think that this car combines the characteristics of its SUV class with a subtle French elegance, with the feeling of discreet luxury and comfort, visible in the different details: from the comfortable leather saloon to the door sills that protect the clothes from dirt. In a nutshell, it is a travel car that brings together security and stability, as well as a passion for life, the good things that life brings us at each and every moment.

Styleinspiratrice_Renault_Koleos (3)

I almost did not feel the road and the only thing I was worried about was whether we would be able to pass by the ultra-narrow Greek streets! We have succeeded without any accidents! 😉 Where did we go: check here.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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