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4 easy hairstyles and tricks for the summer


4 easy hairstyles and tricks for the summer

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Summer, holiday, sea – there is something super-liberating about walking around with wind-blown hair, or just wear it all the time in a carefree bun. For me vacation is also the best time to feel feminine and slightly playful and to make a few easy and cool hairstyles with my partner in crime L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert.

Couple of days ago, I told you how I took care of my locks and made my hair shiny again with Inforcer by L’Oréal Série Expert. After the visit to the hairdresser saloon and several washings at home, I felt my hair refreshed and strengthened. (I particularly like the aroma of the products – light and citrus sweet at the same time, in which I find grapefruit, bergamot, jasmine and peach, a scent that reminds me of summer holidays at my grandparents’ when I was a kid.)

And now – here’s more about my hair and hairstyles:
Since my hair is dyed and rather dry, I prefer to wash it less often – once every 4-5 days is enough. I have noticed that in the days after washing it gets its own shape and texture, making it easier to stylize. I also like the effortless look it creates. Let me share a tip: you when I have an important appointment or event, I always go to the hairdresser for blow-dry the day before – so the hair does not seem too set! 😉

I had light waves on the seashore that helped me a lot for the hairstyles.

For style 1 I took a fine scarf that I tied on my head and pinched the edges of my hair to the inside. It’s fun to imagine how I would look like in a retro bob fifties style! (and it takes just for 2 minutes!)

Styleinspiratrice-LOreal-Inforcer_Hairstyles (1)

For style 2 it is good that the hair is not too clean because it is too slippery. It’s a very easy styling, in which I separate two strands and literally tie each of them to a knot!


Styleinspiratrice-LOreal-Inforcer_Hairstyles (3)

For style 3 is the easiest one because hair is naturally released. The difference is that I have made a deep side part of the hair. The main thing here was to find this giant clip – similar to those we saw at the Paris Fashion Week in March. Then it’s super easy!

Styleinspiratrice-LOreal-Inforcer_Hairstyles (2)


For style 4 – it is the most contrasting with the easiness of the holiday and the super-arranged retro hair, tied with a satin ribbon. There is something very romantic about this look. Here, the choice of the ribbon is important in order to have a good density and volume. It is good to be made of silk satin, width 3 cm. Although it is not visible, to achieve good effect is good to buy 1 meter length!

Styleinspiratrice-LOreal-Inforcer_Hairstyles (4)

And voilà! Which of the styles you like most? 🙂

In partnership with L’Oréal.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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