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Speed bar or how to be ultra-chic during Jazz festival ?


Speed bar or how to be ultra-chic during Jazz festival ?

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am counting down the days till the Jazz festival on Friday. Three days, the South park, incredible music, atmosphere, friends, toasts. Summer life in Sofia is so amazing. This year A to Jazz comes with something new that will help us enjoy the music and the nice company and be as chic as we want! Girls, who love dresses and skirts and micro bags will understand perfectly – the magical words are: Speed bar et Visa!

How many times I have wished to go to a party with a mini bag, feeling classy and not worrying that something is missing or my bag is over-stuffed? Answer is: – MANY!

Styleinspiratrice_Visa_SpeedBar (4)Styleinspiratrice_Visa_SpeedBar (5)Styleinspiratrice_Visa_SpeedBar (3)

I got inspired by archives: this year I will be wearing to the A to Jazz little black dress, white sneakers and my favorite mini clutch. I know precisely I will have on me my favorite lipstick, eyeliner, keys, smartphone and Visa card. Nothing more, nothing less. I will be stylish and able to toast with people with me and around me, without queuing, searching for cash and wondering where to put the change. It’s going to be easy, comfortable and safe! *

Styleinspiratrice_Visa_SpeedBar (7)

Styleinspiratrice_Visa_SpeedBar (6)

This year Visa took care for ensuring a five-star experience via the innovation Speed bar.  On Friday, 07.07, the virtual bar of the event will open for the first time. With my smartphone I go to that link, select food and drinks, make an order, pay online after processing once my Visa card data and that’s it. Fast, safe, real time. Couple of minutes later I get a message with a barcode on my phone. I pick up the order with this barcode whenever convenient for me from one of the two Speed bars located in the festival zone. It is great, isn’t it?

Styleinspiratrice_Visa_SpeedBar (1)

This is a special dedication for you with my favorite jazz song and… meet me on Friday, at the Speed bar. By the way, you will make me extremely happy if you comment below and share your favorite jazz song with me! 🙂

* As I’ve worked for so many years in financial sector, I am particularly sensible when it comes to safety and innovations. I was really pleased about this new technology, supported by the global leader payments system – Visa. At the end of the day, we all want to find a way for easy, fast and safe shopping of goods and services.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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