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Le Cinq Codet : personal and timeless luxury


Le Cinq Codet : personal and timeless luxury

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Today I am about to share with you a beautiful experience I lived during my stay in Paris for le Salon du luxe. It took place at the heart of la Rive Gauche (the Left Bank) – 5, Louis Codet street. The eponymous hotel is bringing the traits of the Parisian luxury of the 21st century.

Arriving in the evening, I immediately noticed this particular building, whose facade stands out from the surrounding edifices. Pure lines and transparency effects. Dating back to the 1930s, it is a rare and unique building, former telephone central office.

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (3)

The Rive Gauche spirit

Actually, I’ve always had this preference for the Rive Gauche – which makes me think of Yves Saint Laurent, of the small streets with art galleries, antiquaries, independent designers and big brands, le Bon Marché, the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides, Rodin Museum. Here you can do everything on foot and take your time…

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (16)

At the hotel you feel this relation between design and culture, the discrete aesthetics of luxury without external signs of wealth, designated to cultivated tastes that recognize it, appreciate it and enjoy it.
You feel this human side, very personal, authentic and tailor-made.

A very Parisian hotel which plays with mix-and-match, no total look – like the elegant Parisienne who creates her look with lots of imagination and personality.

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (9)Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (2)

We were accommodated in a dupleix that fascinated me with the height of the rooms, the furnuture, the signature of the place. Oak wood and glass – clarity and softness, unusual volumes, bay windows. A kind of a masculine chic.
When entering the room, a woody scent, from the candles and bath products of the house, exclusively created for Le Cinq Codet.

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (7) Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (8) Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (10) Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (11)

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (5)

In fact, Le Cinq Codet reminded me of one definition of luxury evoked during Salon du luxe:

Luxury is the liberty to create your own harmony.

A chic and creative lobby

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (1)

The bar-restaurant overlooks the heart of the hotel – a un patio, far from the looks, from the city, that makes you think of vacation, relaxation.

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (14)

Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (12) Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (13) Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (15)

A luxury hotel in the air of time, which has integrated its history into the present and is projected into the future. A cultivated rendezvous, a discovery, experience, connivance. A place one comes to live rather than to be seen.
Styleinspiratrice_LeCinqCodet (17)

So, what about you, dears – what is your definition of luxury?

Photos: Martina Todorova


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