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It’s gentlemen time: and they never go out of fashion


It’s gentlemen time: and they never go out of fashion

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Men’s fashion and style has always been a super interesting topic for me. At first sight it seems men don’t have that many options in terms of looks and style, but this is not the case. In fact, there is nothing cooler than a man who is dressing with imagination, without putting any limitations, and following his inner perception. I always like to say, good look is not a matter of huge budget, but rather savvy selection and investment in right accessories and wardrobe basics.

In today’s post with Serdika center, we decided to take a sneak peek of the latest trends in men’s fashion. This is why we visited to store and asked for insider’s information the designers team of an inspiring Bulgarian brand – Andrews/.

Styleinspiratrice_Andrews_Serdikacenter (5)

If you wonder what is good to be included in men’s wardrobe this season (and not only), as well as which are the good, timeless style investments, this the right place to find some good answers and tips.

Modern gentleman who realizes outfit is an expression of respect to himself and to the others, a proof for taste, culture and education.

Styleinspiratrice_Andrews_Serdikacenter (8)

Beautiful white shirt, quality suit, couple of elegant casual jackets and trousers, matching accessories and shoes are must-haves.

Styleinspiratrice_Andrews_Serdikacenter (3) Styleinspiratrice_Andrews_Serdikacenter (7)

For finding out more and get the useful tips of Andrews/ designers team – head to the blog of Serdika center.

 Styleinspiratrice_Andrews_Serdikacenter (2)

As for me, I also got tempted in the store of Andrews/ and their colorful summer high-quality collection. This is the place I found the perfect bomber jacket! 🙂

Styleinspiratrice_Andrews_Serdikacenter (6)

I am wearing: Shirt and trousers Andrews/ ladies

Makeup: Estée Lauder

Photos: Martina Todorova


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