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That moment when you have the perfect phone to…


That moment when you have the perfect phone to…

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How would you finish the sentence?

My spontaneous reaction was: that moment when you have the perfect phone to shoot the perfect shoes, the perfect cake, the perfect table…Truth is, last years, the phone is that thing that is literally with me all the time (I am looking forward to the day when they will make it able to cook and to do the house cleaning 😉 ).

Styleinspiratrice-Samsung Galaxy S8 plus (1) Styleinspiratrice-Samsung Galaxy S8 plus (2) Styleinspiratrice-Samsung Galaxy S8 plus (3)

With my phone I follow everything that is happening online, I publish on social media, am connected with you, work, write down each idea popping in the most unexpected places and time slots. Phone turned out to be the means I conserve an image that gave me inspiration and that I would want to share.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ came and was a kind of a love at first (online) sight! Feeling when you have it in your hands is very difficult to be described by words. It creates perception of infinity, of getting out of any frames and limitations. In fact, one of the first parameters I look for a phone is the design. If I am not impressed at that very first stage, cause is lost!

I particularly liked the quality of photo and video shooting. I admit, I am not the best when it comes to eternalizing moments, and that device gives me a good competitive advantage. I also liked the speed charge regime and the long battery life.

Last but not least, a key factor is the information security. As I say I use my phone for all types of operations, this is literally a fact. I guess you will agree with me when it comes to dealing with personal information and some bank transactions, system security is key.

How about you? Do you have any experiences with Galaxy S8 / 8+ – would love if you share them here!

PS: A non-tech review with some fashion elements 😉


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