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Every part of the trip is the best part


Every part of the trip is the best part

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Tips and tricks for easy preparations for a long weekend

Has it happened to you: looking terrified at this cabin suitcase and wondering how to get that favorite dress, 5 pairs of shoes (you know, anything can happen), 7 tees, 3 types of jeans, underwear, hats, accessories, books, devices …

Styleinspiratrice_Serdika_WE_packing tips (2)

It’s been for years that way till my horror of carrying (heavy) luggage took over and I decided I had to find a system that allows me to travel light, without   depriving myself from possibility for different looks and adapting my style to planned and unplanned situations.

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Summer is easier for light traveling as weather is warm, clothes are lighter and airy. If we stick to some simple rules, traveling can be really nice experience.

Practically, before each trip I check the weather forecast and the different scheduled activities. After that, I make a list of need-to-haves such as: id documents, tickets, booking info, cards, cash and insurance policy. In most of the cases these elements are constant as well as cosmetics (only SPF varies and the quantities depending whether I travel hand luggage only or with a bigger suitcase meaning bigger room for products).

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Then comes the nicest part: the selection of clothes and accessories. Since I started applying my color system, my life become much easier. Check it in the blog of Serdika center.

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For my swimsuit selection you can take a look here, as for what’s in my bag – check it here.

I put in my suitcase:

Tropical pattern dress and black dress with white dots  – Daphne
Marine tee and white top –  LC Waikiki
Tee with a toucan – Tally Weijl

Two-sided scarf – Andrews lady
Suitcase, shorts and sandals – Twin set

I am wearing:

Top in beige  – Andrews lady
White jeans – Forever 21
Slip-ons – LC Waikiki
Photos: Martina Todorova


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