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My 6 easy steps for a great hair


My 6 easy steps for a great hair

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I care about my hair and seems like only the past years I finally found the color(s), shape and routine that make it look like a want. However, always in a hurry, I was regularly neglecting the care at home. (Just to mention I used to think combing was an annoying waste of time, as well as applying some masks, styling afterwards, etc.). Actually, I was dreaming secretly that every single hair washing happens at the hairdresser’s so that in the end I will have the perfect blow-dry. Sounds familiar?

What changed my perception was a meeting. Last month, I attended a seminar led by Diego Perez by René Furterer, there I understood and started implementing a few easy steps to take care of my hair.



  • First step is combing the lengths of the hair in order to liberate from death hairs. (It is not good to start from the scalp as this can make it oily).
  • Second step, before washing is essential oils scalp massage with Complexe 5 René Furterer. Scalp massage with pure essential oils helps increasing micro-circulation and the better effect of the shampoo. The amazing fragrance of lavender and orange is a bonus, with real spa and relax effect on me. Massage should start from the back of the head towards its top and should take 5-10 minutes.
    Styleinspiratrice_ReneFurterer_hair-8 Styleinspiratrice_ReneFurterer_hair-5
  • After essential oils shampoo comes next. I currently use Okara Active Light shampoo with natural honey extract for enhancing colors and to brighten highlighted hair.

    Do you know: 60 years ago, René Furterer was working at his wife’s saloon. This was the time when everybody was dreaming of Marilyn Monroe’s look! Based on his observations and experience, monsieur Furterer managed to create the best formula for his clients and their hair.

    Styleinspiratrice_ReneFurterer_hair-6 Styleinspiratrice_ReneFurterer_hair-7

  • Follows the light activating conditioner Okara Active Light. Before application I remove excess water, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.
  • After treatment and blow dry it is time for my favorite 5 Sens enhancing dry oil for hair and body. I apply on the lengths of my hair. During the bare legs season I adore applying it because it makes my skin toned and beautiful.Styleinspiratrice_ReneFurterer_hair-9
  • Final touch is fixing the hair with the vegetal Style finish. All day of shine, protection and fix in one product.


Et voilà!

How about you, dears – how are you taking care of your hair? Do you want me to write more about such routine procedures?


Photos: Martina Todorova


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