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About the special meaning of colors and the high-waist trousers


About the special meaning of colors and the high-waist trousers

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I think 2017 will definitely be the year I took the trousers challenge! It was not long ago I was wearing nothing but skinny jeans all year long and distressed shorts in summer. The other options were skirts and all kinds of dresses. In fact, there is something very revealing when wearing trousers and it has always kind of embarrassed me.

Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (6)

Suddenly I realized I really need to experiment and try on different styles in terms of outfit! So, I started wearing leggings, white jeans, high-waist jeans, statement athleisure pants and…this is basically how I came to this amazing pair of trousers by Escada. At first I was a bit embarrassed and then – won forever!  Frankly speaking, high-waist and long trouser legs make legs look longer and slenderer – no doubt about it.

Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (5)Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (4)

However, I admit I was mainly enchanted by the color, this amazing endless blue. Blue that appeared at the exact moment, after this long winter I gave promise to wear colors, lots of colors.

When a garment provokes, it leaves a lasting mark.

I love so much clothes that refer to art, that bring me new and different emotion. When I saw these trousers, I instinctively thought about French artist Yves Klein. Couple of decades ago he invents a special formula patented under IKB (International Klein Blue) in the sixties. It is with this blue, the monochrome works and a number of provocations, he remains forever in history, in fashion, in the world of art.

Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (7)Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (3)Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (8)

His exhibitions become legendary: starting with the 1001 helium-filled blue balloons he released in Saint-Germain des Prés district in Paris, passing by inviting people to a completely empty exhibition hall gathered a crowd of 2500 people! At a certain moment police had to interfere.  In 1960 he invites guests, speaks up dressed totally formal and directs three naked models covered with blue paint to imprint their bodies on white canvas. This way, as he says, models become “living brushes”.

Styleinspiratrice_Blue_Trousers_Escada (3)

In fact, there are different theories about this special blue. For Nice-born Klein, it brings message of eternity, godliness, debt, immaterial dimension, infinity, contemplation, void…

I was wearing:

Top and pants Escada
Shoes – Pollini
Bag – Longchamp

Photos: Martina Todorova


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