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Athleisure and the best collection of the season signed Tsvetalina Atanasova


Athleisure and the best collection of the season signed Tsvetalina Atanasova

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Since athleisure* trend settled permanently on the runway, the street and little by little in our lives, I feel nicely provoked and inspired. Roses of the Queen’s Dog is gorgeous and rich collection inspired by nature and art, created by talented young designer Tsvétalina Atanassova.

Since over the last weeks I noticed that I am becoming braver in my choice of pants, clothing that I was totally neglecting in my wardrobe, there is no surprise I fell in love exactly with these trousers:

Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (1)

Precision, perfect craftsmanship, comfort, and dose of fabulousness, this is for me the collection of Tsveti, where roses are leading and find their presence in an original and sometimes unexpected way.

Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (6)

Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (9)

Actually, the other day I was walking in the city with my new pants, overwhelmed by that wonderful feeling that I look like exactly the way I wish and I feel, that I’ve found the garment that suits my nature and helps me to express it in a clear and authentic way.

A cut that surrounds the body, lines that fall freely, accentuating without limiting the body. Convenience, chic, feminine silhouette that points out my tallness, and the sudden wind discreetly and playfully shows a part of my leg with each movement.

Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (2)  Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (7) Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (8)Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (3)

See the entire collection here. Due to strong interest, despite the end of the special participation of the collection at Ivan Asen 22 you can contact the showroom for arranging a meeting and visit till 10 April. Hurry up! It is totally worth!

* Or outfits inspired by sports and athletics. Clothes that have totally different vibe especially in spring when we have more time to spend outside (and less time at the gym ;)). In fact, according to some experts, this is not just a trend, but a fundamental change in the way we dress. Athleisure, says Deirdre Clemente, is a “weird hybrid” between business casual and athletic wear.  Durability and comfort are combined with versatility of business casual style. Easy and effortless maintenance, technologies that step into fabrics and clothes as well as the aspiration for a healthier and more active living complete the arguments in favor of athleisure. Besides, it is about clothes that are perfectly adequate to most of the daily life situations, including in business environment.

Styleinspiratrice-Athleisure_RosesoftheQuennsDog (5)

And you, dears, how do you feel about this style?

I am wearing:
Trousers – Roses of the Queen’s Dog
T-shirt – H&M
Trainers – Nike

Photos: Martina Todorova


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