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Fashion and the freedom to be whoever we want


Fashion and the freedom to be whoever we want

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Over the last years I feel more and more carried away and stimulated by fashion to bring on the surface traits that seemed non-existing before. (Or have been totally hidden). In other words – fashion gives me freedom.

Conventionality aside, fashion is the expression which allows us to be ourselves in a strongly visual way, filled with sense and symbols. Have you ever thought how often we fit into the codes of daily life, the environment, the corporate dress code, the habits of our family or locality we live in? And how imperceptibly we fall into shapes we (self)impose under the label of “personal style”.

So happy to be back in Milan! It is time for Fashion week ❤ #mfw #forever21nextstop #forever21bulgaria

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On one hand it is great to be recognizable, to have a specific form of communication people associate with us. On the other hand, it is embarrassing to wear only predictable things – clothes and accessories, which we buy instinctively because we like a lot and believe they look good on us.

Тенденция завръщане на логото: да или не? The return of the logo trend: yay or nay?

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Couple of years ago I was also in that normal pace of fashion choices,

until the day that I decided I will buy no more of the things I already have in my closet.

That was the first step. Slowly and little by little I started going out of my comfort zone wearing clothes and shoes which I previously considered out of my style. I was realizing more and more limits and not-fitting were only fruit of my mind, totally lacking any objective argument. Today I can hardly say firmly about anything that I would never wear it. Because fashion is freedom – to be who and whoever we want, to show off in the way we want to be seen, to be embarrassed, to make fun with ourselves, to be too serious, too colorful, melancholic or romantic. To dare to challenge ourselves one more time in order to see what will happen, to be free to provoke, to try and to find out.

During the last month, together with Forever 21 I had the possibility to select and mix favorite styles with elements I’ve always wanted but never dared to try until now. This way, I found myself with a pair of white jeans in the middle of the winter, a crop top, silver mules, yoga pants with stars, transparent handbag and tiara I was proudly wearing in the streets of Europe.

And for the opening of their new store on Saturday, I have a fashion dilemma – which out of the two styles below to choose? Please, help and comment! <3

Photos: Martina Todorova & Styleinspiratrice


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