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Wardrobe detox


Wardrobe detox

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Do you remember that moment from Sex & the city when Carrie was cleaning her mythic closet and her girlfriends were flagging “keep” and “toss”? I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite stories and even if I haven’t experienced it exactly the same way, several times in the year I am organizing a serious wardrobe check and detox.*

Styleinspiratrice-Dressing_Detox (1) Styleinspiratrice-Dressing_Detox (2)

That moment when you realize less is more and there is way to have a wonderful look and style with few well curated quality clothes and accessories which can be put together in many ways is such a relief.


Naturally, I also get tempted by desire of buying something new and trendy – it is so refreshing and cheering. In one of the books for Becky B., the restless shopaholic, there was a sentence saying if every single day we could buy something new, nobody would feel depressed!

Styleinspiratrice-Dressing_Detox (3)

But, let’s get back to the wardrobe topic and its contents – we often turn out to be full with stuff we never wear or we’ve been wearing so much it is time to say goodbye. In order to make this process funnier, I usually invite my mum, my sister or a close friend to make the selection. This time, in the still-empty-apartment was really cool, with the priceless and objective help of my sis!

Styleinspiratrice-Dressing_Detox (5)

By the way, here is what I do with the clothes I decide not to wear anymore:

  • Brand new in perfect condition clothes: I give them to closer friends/family or I sell them. Sometimes I donate when there is an operation I can participate with appropriated for the case clothes and/or shoes.
  • Worn or kind of damaged clothes: I recycle. The option provided by H&M for their clients is priceless. In each of their stores people can bring clothes to be recycled in an easy and comfortable way. In the other hand, the brand gives their contribution for closing the loop of consumption and optimization of resources. See here what practically happens with the clothes we don’t wear anymore and which we decide to bring to the store:

I’ve always been convinced when we consume fashion, we have to look beyond the instant urge for buying, to think about the origins, materials, quality, our own style and wardrobe, about what happens next, when we don’t like and don’t want to wear that garment anymore, how to make a detox in an adequate and responsible way. Because elegance is not only in the way we look, but also in the way we behave.

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*Particularly useful system especially when you have moved 4 times in the course of 3 years!

Photos: Martina Todorova

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