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How often do we say Thank you?


How often do we say Thank you?

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Between all the time and almost never difference is not that substantial. No matter if you say automatically thank you to the person you buy your morning coffee from or you will spend the time specifically thanking a friend, a relative or the universe – this is a whole different story.

Personally, I’ve had the impression of thanking kind of unnaturally the Universe or another intangible form, but some time ago I started having this internal perception there is indeed something to thank about, to be joyful about and to be less anxious about all the daily situations we are facing.

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So, today I would like to:

– Thank all of you, my readers, for being with me during this adventure. For supporting me, encouraging me, criticizing me, challenging me and inspiring me!

– Thank all of the designers who are reminding me what a great force imagination combined with talent and courage to pursue the dreams is.

– Thank my relatives and friends who believed in my idea since its very early stage when it was so tiny and hesitating and they were still there, supporting me in my moments of weakness and insecurity.

– Thank all the brands we had a mutual like and did amazing things together and we’ve been building sustainable partnership relations.

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– Thank all who said “no”, because the more the time is passing by, I am realizing that when something is not happening, in almost all of the cases it is for the best because there is something more beautiful to happen. I sincerely believe in that. Besides, it is very healthy from time to time to get some negativism, kind of kick in the ass in order to reconsider, to get more ambitious, to become better version of ourselves.

– Thank for all the lessons I got from life, especially the ones I got lately, for showing me no one and nothing is for granted and we have to take care of our relationships with people we really care about.

– Thank for all the encounters that happen whenever and however wright even if it is not always that obvious…

And you, dears, what are you thankful for?

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I would also specially like to thank 100 grams’ douceurs for congratulating me for 10K followers in Facebook with this fabulous cake. In fact, they made a longtime dream of mine come true, because I’ve always (secretly) wanted one day to get exactly this type of cake! 🙂

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