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DIS-CONNECTIONS: keep your eyes open for the beauty you are not1 looking for


DIS-CONNECTIONS: keep your eyes open for the beauty you are not1 looking for

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This sentence captured me, it is all about a story around this new special event at Ivan Asen 22 . A story that brought together 26 young designers elaborating further the concept about comfortable urban clothing, about coziness and the look inside ourselves, about new relationships and attention towards the nature.


Which moment could be better than the present one to select a unique outfit or accessory, made of beautiful materials, nice colors, created by imagination and talent of one of these young designers.

Let’s go outside because it is December, because we are about to live something new and because it is time to switch-off the web, time for unexpected, real relationships!

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Designers who participate in DIS-CONNECTIONS are: Georgi Florov, Rosica Mrsic, Prototype 23, Ham & Eggs, Jar & Jam, MINTY, nelmit, M2V, Inna Gabrovska, Diliyana Ivanova, Dinka Kasabova, Radostina Klinkova, Slavina Petrova, Milena Nacheva, Yuliana Yanakova, Teodora Shumanova, Maya Karanesheva, Iva Grigorova, jewelers Victor Pavlov, Kalina Chankova, Velislava Bojinova, Kalina Filcheva and new-comers in the designers showroom Evgenia Tsankova, Radko Staikov-Rado, Teodora Vukodinova and Sianna Marinova.


And please, don’t believe these bad people saying I left nothing in the showroom after I left! 😉


I am wearing: coat – nelmit; dress – Slavina Petrova; over-the-knees – Högl

Photos: Martina Todorova


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