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Lady Emblem by Montblanc


Lady Emblem by Montblanc

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A fragrance, melody, confident and fabulous woman – what unites them? The fact they often turn out to be love at first sight!

We imagine this gorgeous woman wearing little black dress, rose gold and diamonds earrings and an updo, slightly undone.  A woman in which passion and calmness intertwine and find balance.



There are perfumes that grab us with their fragrance and captivate us with their story. The woman lady Emblem is admired as we somehow know we carry her in ourselves and wish to be bolder in order to show her to the world most often. Her perfume brings her history, as for me, three words pop-up in my mind:




Floral notes accented by wood scents. What I feel most clearly is Rosa Damascena. It brings me back to my own story – it reminds me of my mother, who loves perfume with the scent of a rose, my grandmother, whose earrings with vintage luster resembling diamonds found during the renovation of my former / future home.

Rose, iris, vanilla and pepper …

The bottle of the of perfume is so beautiful and perfect that I want to carry it with me everywhere to fill my eyes with beauty. A bottle repeating the shape of 43-facettes diamond grinding of Montblanc*, dressed in pink gold.  It is not by accident, as diamonds are emblematic of the brand. They symbolize love, purity and beauty.


*Do you know Montlbanc diamond has being elaborated for years. It has been presented in February 2006 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the brand. It’s beеn patented and has got 43 facets!


Photos: Martina Todorova


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