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Bags, traveling and creating a story


Bags, traveling and creating a story

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There are stories you cannot tell all at once. Have you experiences this: to be so impressed by a thing, that you want to create the most beautiful picture with words and images and…you not being able to finalize it? Well, this happened to me while ago.

When we left with the shiny red car, we went on a mission: a visit I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time. A beautiful town not far from Sofia, where is located an awesome showroom, a place where perfection and inspiration live incarnated as bags, created by an impressive young woman: Neri Karra: designer, lecturer, Woman of the year.



Paris, Fashion week, I am finishing, trying to finish a story, which seemed to be born in Sofia – after discovering a name, got inspired in Asenovgrad, after meeting and evolved as an emotion in the French capital.

My mind was building up this story in a dynamic and at the same time – slow way, because it is inspired by a cosmopolitan person, by a brand born of a dream, started from a small town and reached the biggest fashion capitals, people from all over the world.

In Asenovgrad we touched these bags, created with talent, care and attention to the smallest detail. Beautiful, exquisite and sustainable because there is a name on them.

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Unfortunately, we did not meet Neri Karra in person during that trip, but we were warmly welcomed by her adorable team, that fascinated us with their warmth, empathy and respect to the story they are creating together every day.

Couple of words from Neri:

What makes you dream?

I dream because I want to recreate the world around me.

Which form of art has the strongest influence on you as a designer?

It’s difficult to pick one as i see art as a reflection and reinterpretation of beauty and life. All forms of art that capture beauty and life also inspire me.

You have a hashtag #neritravels – what is traveling for you?

To discover, be surprised and to get away.

Your definition for luxury is …?

Being at ease with oneself, wherever you are.

In your opinion, how can designers give the example of sustainable and responsible behavior towards environment and natural resources?

By doing things with integrity

You are also teaching at the university – what brings you the work with students?

I am told by my students that I inspire them but for me inspiration is mutual as I also feel inspired by them.

What will be fall-winter season according to Neri Karra?

Deep, rich colors with fun combination. Dark, rich red, burgundy and Royal blue.

If you have to describe the Neri Karra in three words, they will be …?

Elegant, at ease, well made.

styleinspiratrice_nerikarra-7 styleinspiratrice_nerikarra-8

As for me, I hope, during one of the next trips, to meet Neri – in Paris, Sofia, Asenovgrad or wherever in this amazing big world! 🙂

Photos: Martina Todorova


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