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7 easy tips for finding the perfect gift


7 easy tips for finding the perfect gift

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Or, how to stop worrying what to choose and make great presents!

Have you been wondering what to give to someone you barely know? Or to a person you know for so long that you have already offered hundreds of things? Or to somebody who has it all … I can recite similar situations till dawn. I’ve had such cases so many times over the years. However, I managed to identify few simple tips

that help me every single time and got inspired by Fashion days to share them with you (please, test them for the Christmas holidays and tell me what happened)!


So, here they are:

7 tips by Styleinspiratrice for finding the perfect gift:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to surprise! It is always nice to spend some time thinking what will please to that person, and not to us, right?
  2. Get inspired by classics! In case of any doubt go for a classic idea. You can never go wrong with quality fabrics, clean lines, black or white, in other words: classics.
  3. Make a gift with a message! Sometimes the best way to tell something is to do it with the right present (sticking to principle #1).
  4. Tell a story! If you think a bit, a present has always a story: it can be a shared moment or all that stands behind a brand or a designer. (In case you wonder why am I wearing nothing but sneakers – read this story till the last line and you’ll find out! 😉
  5. Create a memory! A present can be the basis for exciting memory(ies) and it’s definitely worth, isn’t it?
  6. It’s all about the experience! On its own it’s probably one of the best things that can be given because memories last forever!
  7. Think outside of the box! Be original and give something unbelievable and totally unexpected for this case or context. (I remember till today a Christmas gift I got – a small lighter with Garfield and the words: because nobody would give you something like that, for sure! (I am not smoker)).

If you are reading this, it is time for the story. I am wearing nothing but my sneakers because I am waiting for Santa to bring me all these gorgeous things in my fashion wish list I created from Fashion Days. You can see it here!

Also, these Converse are my all-time favorites as they bring me back to high school when we were listening to Snoop Dogg (who was wearing the same but in black). A bit later, when I was studying in France, 90% of my schoolmates had these sneakers and were looking extremely cool! A story, experience and classics all-in-one: a pair of perfect sneakers!


PS: Did you know 7 is my favorite number? There is something magical about it and it makes me think of fabulous things (not to mention I was born on 7th and also – my favorite Fashion Days are turning 7 and have some amazing surprises – stay tuned!


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