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Mercedes-Benz stars award


Mercedes-Benz stars award

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You know how passionate I am about young designers and their creativity which I always seek to share with you. I was very happy to attend in Paris the final event of Les Etoiles Mercedes-Benz – a new competition dedicated to young fashion designers, born from the cooperation between the automobile brand and the French fashion designer Alexis Mabille.

Actually, this competition is not a surprise because Mercedes-Benz has been supporting fashion form 20 years now starting with Australian fashion week in 1996 and covering further the biggest fashion weeks all over the world. Today Mercedes-Benz supports 41 events in 27 countries with the objective of helping to promote these designers via our international Fashion Week platforms.


So, the brand chose the talented and oriented towards young designers Alexis Mabille to chair the jury and ensure the consistency of the artistic line. So, at the beginning of the competition 30 designers have been identified and invited by Alexis Mabille and Mercedes-Benz to unleash their creativity by designing three silhouettes that enhance the luxury vehicle embodied by Mercedes-Benz. After the first deliberation of a jury of professionals from the world of fashion, 10 designers were chosen to make one of their silhouettes.


These creations were exposed during PFW at Le Garage Lubeck and the winner was announced: it is the young Portuguese designer David Ferreira. His style, blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, drew the attention of photographer Nick Knight and of the singer Björk.


His creation is the Imprinted Corpus prototype in which Mercedes-Benz is literally the body of the woman, or vice versa. This dress frees women from their natural curves and gives them a futuristic look. The keyword here is Dare’.


A story to be followed!

Here I am, with fabulous Audrey Marnay, member of the Jury :


I was wearing: skirt – Slavina Petrova, bag – Iva Grigorova, shoes – What For, belt – Gucci, top – H&M


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