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There’s the whole world at your feet


There’s the whole world at your feet

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These are the words of enchanting Mary Poppins. I would add in this case it is best to have a pair of gorgeous shoes!


You know, this year, for the first time I felt sad because of the upcoming autumn. Unusual and inexplicable feeling of melancholy appeared in mid-September when the weather reminded about the forthcoming change. This transition is way more difficult because of moving from warm to cold, from light to dark, from long days to long nights. And just when I thought days and weeks filled with sadness were ahead of me, as usually happens, things turned, my plans were shuffled and rearranged tremendously, it was time for a change!

styleinspiratrice_deichmann_everything-is-possible-3 styleinspiratrice_deichmann_everything-is-possible-4 styleinspiratrice_deichmann_everything-is-possible-6

The sun reappeared, there was also a trip (Paris Fashion Week was initially not scheduled for this fall) large renovation works started due to my forthcoming move to a new apartment, I changed the color of my hair … And all these events occurred precisely in the fall, quickly and naturally kindly to remind me that

anything is possible

and that things happen when the time is right.

That is precisely why today I decided to show the bright side of seemingly ordinary weekday, funny turn in the simple outfit with some special shoes that make everyday a different and make us think about adventures, unexpected happiness and a bunch of options.

I selected this model of the new collection of Deichmann, which combines comfort, style and personality, different textures and surfaces are put together and glittering decorations complement the autumn design.

styleinspiratrice_deichmann_everything-is-possible-1 styleinspiratrice_deichmann_everything-is-possible-2

And did you know that since these things happened I started wearing a large bag – to carry this glamorous pair of special shoes to put on after work for a last-minute date, invite for a cool event … or even a trip?


Just remember: Anything is possible!

I was wearing sparkle boots and heels by Deichmann, cashmere coat – Slavina Petrova.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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