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Smells like voyage


Smells like voyage

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Have you noticed how cool is planning trips, selecting destinations, itineraries, tickets…It’s like a ray of light even in the most monotonous day routine, a sacred date we aspire to, without speeding it too much because:

the best part is the anticipation, preparation, emotion, blending memories and a vague foretaste of a different life, the adventure of leaving the familiar.

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There are trips we are waiting for months or years, which we know that are going to happen and simply thinking about them, preparing them, make us truly happy. This is how I feel, this is how passed the shortest days of the year, the bad weather (lucky for us, not such a long period this year), the unpleasant events (not that significant either), the holidays, the work days, the fatigue and the boredom…It was somewhere over there, waiting for me. And now, when it is approaching I feel happy – in that sort of vague and inexplicable way.

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And for a trip you just need a good suitcase, capsule strategy for the outfits, cool new cosmetics in (which goes naturally with the upcoming spring season) and a couple of refreshing-beautifying procedures which simplify our lives:

As for example the silk lashes which underline the eyes in such a beautiful was and almost no makeup is needed. For this procedure I think Maria Slavova is the best. In the upcoming days I will try one more thing – keep following for more details and photos!

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L.A. Sunrise collection & Les beiges de Chanel: I am wearing here the Healthy glow foundation N32 rosé and Rouge Coco shine – 116 Mighty
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How about you, dears, what are your travel strategies? Are you getting excited while waiting for the trip? : )

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Suitcase: Lipault Paris limited edition

Patches tee: Slavina Petrova

Skiny jeans: Massimo Duti

Bag: Easy, Yves Saint Laurent

Photos: Martina Todorova


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