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Beyond the free samples


Beyond the free samples

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That was the title* of the topic I presented at Web Vizzia 2016, a forum where I was a guest-speaker. This is the first time such an event brought together representatives of the beauty industry, top digital experts and bloggers. Really beneficial and adding value was the opportunity to get feedback from all stakeholders who are interacting and making possible all this story-telling, sharing of news and experiences from one extremely inspiring world – the world of beauty industry.

Do you know that 84% of consumers research online before buying a product, 7 of 10 make a purchase based on a recommendation or opinion of a …blogger! In my presentation I spoke about: benefits from cooperating with influencers, 11 successful collaboration models, approaches and some do’s & don’ts based on my experience so far. More on the topic can be seen on the web page of Vizzia.

Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (9)

For me it’s been extremely inspiring experience and I’d like to thank Svetlana Ivanova-Duharska for the invitation. Just before leaving, I am sharing with you some photos of my outfit of that day:

Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (3)Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (4)

The leather bag I am wearing is the newest ultra fashion accessory accompanying Olympus Pen 7 – which will also be accompanying me in the next days!

Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (1)Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (2)Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (6)

This is the gorgeous glass nail art I got at Coco Nail Sofia.

Styleinspiratrice_WebVizzia (8)

And from tomorrow on the world is Paris – keep following here and in my social media for more interesting news and stories!

Skirt and tee – Slavina Petrova

Caban  – Marks & Spenser

Shoes – Furla

Photos – Martina Todorova

*Actually, the full title was: Beyond the free samples – collaboration models between beauty industry and the bloggers. And beyond the title itself topic became broader, acknowledging the term influencer and going further into a real discussion.


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