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15 for 2015

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They say three is a charm. In 2015 the blog turned 3. On 12 July, three girls met in Paris to celebrate this special date. And even if the hashtag #MissBulgaria was not existing at that time, I am really lucky to say I’ve got two by my side! This post is a kind of an overview of the year through 15 photos. I tried to pick some key moments, I’ve shared with you and which wouldn’t be that important without you and your support in this journey. I thank you for following the blog – you are my greatest inspiration!

At the beginning of the year was born the capsule collection Week in Milano, we created together with Slavina Petrova. With this collection we figured out how would the perfect fashion week suitcase look like.

Style_Inspiratrice_Slavina Petrova_1

It was busy, challenging (we had to shoot bare feet, in the middle of February, when temperatures were like -3) but it was real fun!

Style inspiratrice_Capsule Style Inspiratrice_Slavina Petrova_lace dress (1)

Soon after got its makeover and the result was the current design and layout of the blog. Huge amount of information has been migrated, formatted, we made lots of testing. This was the photo shoot which announced the relaunch:


Warmer days made us spending more and more time in the streets of Sofia. This way, while sharing which is the street of handsome men in Sofia, this picture turned out to be the most liked in Facebook:


And the article that got the biggest number of hearts here was a long-waited one: the post about the blue doors:

Styleinspiratrice_PorteBleue (1)

In June, together with couple of fabulous bloggers, we took part in Grazia Shopping Night Out initiative, where we were challenged to create styling which describes each of us in the best possible way. As you can guess, we had lots of fun with the girls!


Right after I flew to Paris for the Luxury and innovation summit. Impressive event, which was the occasion for me to write the longest articles in the blog (here and here) on topics related to luxury market development and consumption, as well as their crossing points with the world of innovations. This summit gave me the photo I consider the most emblematic for the year 2015:


The end of summer brought the post which provoked huge number of reactions, comments, shares and further articles – the one about the cost of blogging :

Styleinspiratrice_Cost_blogging (7)

Fall came with unexpectedly hot days, totally unexpected knee injury and…a long-time dream coming true: the Fashion week in Paris! Couple of days living to the fullest: shows, presentations, openings, new collections, designers, bloggers, shootings, meetings, happiness…



When you truly believe in your dream, there comes the moment when everything is possible.


At the very end of the year we discussed the 10 tips for a glamorous New Year’s eve. However, I think those hints can be applied over and over all year long, which for me will be guided by the rule of the 3 E: energy, enthusiasm and empathy.


How about you, dears, which were the most memorable moments from 2015?


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