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About books, cinema and a bit of fashion


About books, cinema and a bit of fashion

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For me it has always been an interesting to see the relationship between arts, their intertwining, dialogue and sometimes – even confrontation. Along the upcoming first-ever film-literature festival Cinelibri, organized by Colibri publishers the discussion about literature and cinema and literary screen adaptations has been naturally revived. It is hard to give an unequivocal answer to the question is it ok to transform a book into a movie keeping in mind the most accomplished filmmaker ever is our imagination. How often our perception of a novel totally disagrees with what we see on the big screen? At the same time, how many times we have seen films that

that visually go far beyond a literary work and show us pictures that make us dream, run away from everyday life and immerse in an exciting world.

Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (7)

From the blog perspective I was also thinking about the relationship between literature and fashion. Years ago Diana Vreeland asked

Where would fashion be without literature?

I recently reread Delicacy by David Foenkinos, and thought what was the feeling this book gave me, how did it provoke me from a styling point of view. I spontaneously got the idea for a street style photoshoot about literature, reading and creating message through a certain look. Here is what the result was:

Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (2)

Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (1)Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (3)Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (4)Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (6)Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (10)

Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (9)Styleinspiratrice_LaDelicatesse (8)

As mentioned above, just in a couple of days’ time, we will be able to watch Delicacy on the big screen, along with some of the most amazing screen adaptations of books. What about you guys, do you have a favorite book turned into a movie?

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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