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Jacqueline Wagenstein: One always finds time for the good things in life


Jacqueline Wagenstein: One always finds time for the good things in life

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She is young, inspiring, successful and has an impressive personal style. A lady you can speak with about compelling stories, books, authors but also fashion, aesthetics and elegance. I met Jacqueline Wagenstein, Director Publishing strategies and Foreign rights at Colibri publishers. In our conversation interlinked literature, books reading and somehow naturally came also the topic of fashion. Read the story:

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Is reading books a luxury in today’s hectic and dynamic everyday life?
In these days finding time for anything is a luxury. It is a matter of choice what will you allocate the most precious – your free time for. Taking time for reading is about desire, natural impulse, inner necessity.

The verb read does not tolerate imperative form, as well as the verb love. That is why finding time to read is like finding time to love. One always finds time for the good things in life.

Can you describe with three words each of the latest books of David Foenkinos translated in Bulgarian:

  • Delicacy – gentle, fragile, ethereal
  • Charlotte – poetic, ingenious, sad
  • Memories – past, present, future

Are the memories the only thing we possess? Mastroianni
Things in our lives go through permanent transformations and trying to possess them is like possessing the air we breathe. The memory is focusing on a past fact or feeling. Once they have past, they cannot be changed, i.e. we can seal them and own them. On the other hand, how we will remember something or someone is a matter of personal choice, the same story can be interpreted in countless different ways, so even memories can slip, escape from us. Mastroianni means one should not forget. Therefore, he says, I remember, I do remember.

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You are extremely elegant – is there a character from literature or a book that at some stage has inspired a stylistic choice?
I prefer my imagination to draw further the characters. It’s not the character that dresses me but I dress it in my thoughts.

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Is there a sort of fashion in the books?
Absolutely, you bet! It’s all about fashion, trends, influences … It’s always been like that … trends in literature and art are comparable to those of the runway. Fashion can also be a market phenomenon- e.g. the fashion of Swedish detective stories, the vampire books, etc ..

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