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Iliana Zaharieva about fashion as an art, innovations in our lives and some special things


Iliana Zaharieva about fashion as an art, innovations in our lives and some special things

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I have always believed there is a close relationship between fashion and communications – perhaps because the two worlds are linked to creativity, aesthetics, sense for new, innovative, audacity and diplomacy and … magic. Since the beginning of the blog I’ve created a special tag – #PRProsAreItPeople – for showing inspiring examples of the above-mentioned connection. My first interview on this topic is with a very stylish and elegant woman who stands out for her individuality and exquisite look. She has many years of experience in corporate communications – initially in the financial sector and currently – in the field of telecommunications.
I present you Iliana Zaharieva – Corporate communications director at Mtel:


When did you realize you have found your style?

I have always had this vanity and have been paying attention to my look. Even in the years when the choice of clothes and shoes was very limited, I was finding a way to cut a dash. Naturally, style building is a process associated with the accumulation of knowledge and experience. I love fashion, read and am interested in trends, styles, designers. Today the internet and online shopping give us boundless opportunities to be stylish and original, without need to shop only in expensive boutiques. Moreover, the style for me is not a blind imitation of a brand or a trend but an individual approach to them. In this sense, a simple T-shirt can be combined with expensive shoes and the effect is great.

Fashion is art – meaning individual interpretation is particularly important.


How do you find the balance between fashion and codes of business environment, when it comes to clothing and styling?

I have no problem because I work in an industry that has no strict dress code. Telecommunications are modern and dynamic business and are not subject of dogma. However, the choice of clothing depends on my schedule for the day. If I have an important meeting or a public event, it means more elegant outfit, shirt, suit, heels. In the standard business day, at the office, and especially on Fridays – there is no problem with denim and informal styling.

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Luxury as experience is ..?

… Everything beautiful in my everyday life! I love luxury in its various manifestations, because I link it to beauty and grace. I de enjoy the beautiful objects in my home, but also those in my closet. We often comment with my friends the number of clothes and shoes that do not fit in the closets … I admit that I find it hard to get rid of most of them, even if I had not put them on for a long time. I just love them!



What is the role of innovation in our lives?

Huge! Innovation and technologies have transformed our lives, our work, our communication. Just imagine a day without your mobile phone, some more without internet or laptop. Via smart devices we are exchanging a huge amount of data, which means easy and unlimited access for all to lots of information and knowledge. And knowledge is power. I believe that I am working in a field that is changing every day our life for the better.


5 objects of desire

My favorite things are linked to memories of special people and places … black pearls from Bora-Bora, color silk scarf from Bali, small diamond earrings from a loved one, bag bought from a boutique in Paris, where we went to a concert of Beyoncé and of course, my cell phone, because all – relatives, friends, work, the whole life, is there!



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