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I want it all, now!


I want it all, now!

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What happened during the second day of the Luxury and Innovation Summit: again excellent agenda, interesting speakers, nice breaks and networking opportunities with various participants. I admit I was looking forward to this day because there was a panel dedicated to the new influencers with the participation of one of my all-time favorite bloggers! (Read more to find out all the details).

Location, location, location accompanied with digitization and innovative thinking in positioning. As Isabelle Schulmberger, JCDecaux, stressed on

today everything is possible

and therefore one has to think big and be ambitious in their goals and aspirations.
Phygital – we obtain a real encounter that is both physical and digital. Emotion is the most important part of the encounter.


Apparently I am far from being the only one who wants everything now (I’ve been trying to learn to be patient for years, but the process is long and slow).
Similar is the behavior of a generation of consumers of luxury goods, which lives under the pressure of the FOMO (fear of missing out).

45% of audiences learn about new brands online: the impact of blogs!Styleinspiratrice_SalonduLuxe_Jour2_5

So, we’ve got a generation that wants to be The King of the night: that aspiration inspired the birth of this first-ever smart bottle:

This people live by the power, the power of “now” that gives twitter. It is: live – public – distributed.


And because a good picture is worth 1,000 words, I am sharing this wonderful illustration by Francis Srun from Boucheron.

Based on his long experience, he stressed on luxury is sold only with kindness.

Everything is related to the existence of various forms of pleasure:
-The pleasure of the best
-The pleasure of power
-The pleasure of relationship
-The pleasure of immediate
-The pleasure of self-assertion

We like what we understand.


Influencer – a person who expresses contextually relevant opinion that is meaningful enough to elicit action from others.


In this panel took part Louise Ebel, aka Miss Pandora. In fact, this is the first fashion blog that I started following long before I decided to start my own blog. I was delighted by her inspiring stories, special photo sessions dedicated to masterpieces of art. Each post was a story with message, a trip to the universe of the history of art and the unique style of Miss Pandora. I think the best part is that this blog managed to evolve over the years and to stay true to its specificity and uniqueness, its editorial line and direction.
Miss Pandora:

Now people start blogging for business*, but passion should always be the start.

There should always be passion, collaborations are good thing but should be done in a corresponding manner. One should also remain loyal to their editorial approach.

Avec Louise:


* Indeed, have you noticed some blogs that look very professional, with perfect shots, with attention to the smallest detail and still are kind of sterile, missing the personal touch, the passion and the personal point of view…This is something that readers always perceive and even if sometimes staying true to self and being less “commercial”, means smaller audience and/or popularity, it’s worth.

And, as they say, always need a pinch of magic – literally!
So, what makes a product / service luxurious?

  • Imaginary become a mystery
  • hen inaccessible beautiful, it becomes desirable
  • Emotion


Pen of the biggest brands in the world of luxury – Nicolas Ouchenir was also among the guests of the Summit.
The art of writing allows the recreation of a visual identity through calligraphy. Luxury brands are seeking timelessness.
We saw his interpretation of the face of Carine Roitfeld that will be hugely spread during the autumn campaign of Uniqlo.

N. Ouchenir chez Colette:


Speaking and what men want – Le Chemiseur (solution that impresses with its idea by helping men to avoid shopping and visiting the tailor and yet – obtaining their perfect shirt):


Totally love this super cool way to enjoy a musical experience by Phonotonic: Look at these super cool gadgets that capture the sound and allow you to create your own music!

Don’t play music: be music!

In most cases,

innovation is in use and not in the object itself,

as explained Nicolas Latour.

(I do not know about you, but at first did not could not understand what exactly is this object, pardon-me equestrian sports fans).
It’s a smart cap that keeps the horse from flies:


In the end, Jonathan Siboni summed up the relationship between luxury – design – intuition and knowledge.


Some more photos of the place:




The video of Paul & Malo will take you into the atmosphere of this cool day:

PS: the best thing is that there will be a second edition!


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