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About blue doors and dreams


About blue doors and dreams

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I’ve always wanted to make a photo shoot in front of a gorgeous blue door! It may sound weird (or a bit crazy) but in my mind this is one of the best photo backgrounds … Last winter, accidentally I discovered the perfect (to me at that moment) blue door, in a far-from-perfect location. When we eventually went there for the shooting it turned out to be not possible! Terribly disappointed I decided I will no longer seek for any blue doors ever and shall stick to a more rational and practical approach. Months were passing, I was not thinking at all about the blue door.

It happened so I had the opportunity to attend the Luxury and Innovation Summit in Paris (more about the event here and here) and to make a long weekend with some of my closest people in the city. It was on Saturday, almost at sunset, after a day wandering around the streets of Paris (and urgent purchase of life-saving sneakers for € 10 from the metro station of Saint-Lazare), we took the Rue de Rennes. A beloved street, associated with so many memories, I discovered thanks to a close Parisian friend more than 10 years ago.

Until that day, for me this was “the shoes street”

because of all these shoe shops there…
From 11th July, 2015 la Rue de Rennes became the street of blue doors! I have passed by dozens, hundreds of times and until that moment I have never noticed all those gorgeous blue doors out there! And how beautiful they were … When you want something badly one day you find it – when we are ready (and usually – when least expect it) in a place which we could never even imagine.

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