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Why I like models


Why I like models

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“Les filles sont irréelles, elles se promènent comme des anges sur l’arc-en-ciel de nos rêves.”*

― Frédéric Beigbeder

I admire all these models I meet in the streets of Paris, Milan, Sofia because they stand out from the crowd. There is something so effortless in them – maybe that’s age or this inner grace they have.

They look almost unreal with their tall and elongated silhouettes and are bold wherever they turn out to be. It is not surprising this sentence from Beigbeder came to my mind while writing this post …


Genetic lottery, sheer good luck, lots of work and serious efforts – situation is individual but often a mix of all mentioned.

VSP_1955 VSP_1988 VSP_2011 VSP_2022

I asked the girls – one of the most beautiful Bulgarian models what are their beauty tips and tricks:

Sara: Sheer, light foundation (flawless if possible), brown crayon, mascara or just foundation and sunglasses. Emphasize the curves of the body that are OK and mask the problematic parts (if any).

Gery: Confidence is in the air and when we feel good in our skin, it is easy for others to love us. Smile more and spread happiness. I agree that we should highlight the strengths of the face and body. Everyone has to know well their look – what to emphasize and what to hide.


Models: Gergana Malkodanska, Kosara Georgieva

Photos: Victor Stoynov

* The girls are unreal, they walk like angels on the rainbow sky of our dreams. Frédéric Beigbeder

Translation is literal as, as far as I know, Beigbeder’s book hasn’t been translated in English (yet). If you have a better English version – please, share!


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