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Week in pix #6

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The week in which Styleinspiratrice turned 3 was unusual, disappointing, inspiring and ultimately – week of new memories and perhaps – of new stories. What follows – the future will tell, but what happened already you are one click away to find out:

My expectations for the summer heat in Paris proved to be not quite justified and during the first day I had to select this outfit for out-and-about in the streets of the city (quite appropriately amid intensified construction and renovation works around):


Got some really inspiring meetings from the world of fashion and design.

I met Sandie Jancovek – who is making really cool shoes with this little je-ne-sais-quoi of the Parisian chic and magic. So, if in Paris – go and visit her!


Well, I had this little fashion dilemma. However, if you’ve read my post about the Luxury Summit, you already know which one I picked 😉


Continuing my walk in the beautiful Rue du Cherche-Midi, I found one more temptation named Satellite.



One of the coolest experiences in my stay was finally meeting Inès-Olympe Mercadal! Stunning young woman, incredible look, charisma, energy. Super inspiring and the person behind these gorgeous shoes named…Vanina! Btw, you can take a look at my interview with her here (in French).

With a pair of Vanina in hand:


And these babes are mine:


Naturally, visiting the Parisian boutique of Atelier Mercadal is strongly recommended!


I am particularly pleased that I finally made it to the Museum of Modern Art of Louis Vuitton. This is an amazing place, a masterpiece of modern architecture by Frank Gehry, joy for the senses and experience that is worth living. I’m only sorry that I did not anticipate more time to walk in the amazing park. Seriously considering organizing a picnic there the next time I pass by!


Works by Andy Warhol at the Museum:Styleinspiratrice_Art_Warholl_FLV Styleinspiratrice_FLV_crepuscule Styleinspiratrice_FLV_stairs Styleinspiratrice_Mirrors View_FLW View_FLW-bis


Oh, those straw hats … and when there are pompoms, the situation becomes irresistible:


Dresses and awesomeness by Colette:

Styleinspiratrice_Colette_Dresses Styleinspiratrice_Colette_Styles


When there is ice cream, life becomes way much better. We did some tasting at Pierre Hermé and it was just terribly delicious! ; )




We got together: three girls celebrating the third birthday of the blog and Paris. Because, no matter what happens, which people come or go, no matter if meetings happened or never did, all the disappointments, doubts, sad moments, there are few people in life that are next to us and give us all their support. Because, whatever happens, there is a moment when things are just going to be alright, and as they say in an episode of Gossip girl: No matter what the new season brings, we’ll always have Paris. xoxo




Almost forgot – here is the answer of the question: Are there any rabbits chez Louis Vuitton? :



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