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How many is too many…


How many is too many…

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…when talking shoes?

It’s been for years I’ve got several pairs of shoes in the office so that I can change in case of urgent need of look boost, going out to a special event after work, etc. Besides, since I’ve started going to work by walk it’s become even more necessary because high heels and the streets of Sofia do not go good together.

One morning my colleague, seeing several pairs of my shoes dutifully arranged in one of the office closets, with sincere amazement asked me: how many pairs of shoes do you have, really?!?

I replied it is not right to ask me such obscene questions, while indeed I was secretly trying to count them in mind.


Of course, the figure is not at all dizzying, uncountable or reaching heights which we often read about in magazine sections type “In the closet …”.

It is a fact though I can hardly resist a pair of nice shoes …



Important thing is to follow the principle of avoiding identical types.


Comfortable and beautiful shoe is priceless. It can change the look, silhouette, self-esteem and let us dancing till down (for instance)…


I remember a movie story – when Carrie Bradshaw once was looking for a 15 $ dress to match with her 500 dollars shoes. Actually, accessories are completing each look and can make the simplest outfit sophisticated and vice-verse can ruin the best dress if they are not good enough .

_VSP7321 _VSP7328

So, in fact how many is too many when speaking about shoes? And do you think this type of counting relevant in that case?


Photos: Victor Stoynov
Boutique Mino 1923


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