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Highlights from the Luxury and Innovation Summit – Day 1


Highlights from the Luxury and Innovation Summit – Day 1

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First, different, unique

These are the three key words of this first edition of Luxury and innovation summit which took place in the Capital of luxury – Paris and which I had the chance to experience live.  2 days of presentations, round-tables, discoveries, meetings, lots of inspiration and success stories.

The first day of the Summit started with an interview with Jean-Claude Biver . This man of charisma, a visionary, marketing genius, is currently President of the watches division of LVMH Group.


He is the owner of the above-mentioned three words: first, different, unique.
According to Jean-Claude Biver, no tradition – no futur; no innovation – no futur either. Creativity is a state of mind, it’s everywhere, invisible, as a soul. It belongs to everyone and can come from anyone. Luxury is eternity. Luxury isn’t throwaway, but durable.
Asked what is luxury for himself, J-C Biver answered: The time! It is the only thing you cannot buy.


The luxury trip is ephemeral, but memories and dreams are forever – via My travel chic

The relation 3.0 with the customer is based on a bi-directional communication. It can have different forms such as:
Lighting and its personalization


The hyper-connectivity : spa à la maison because luxury is freedom. Insert a brand product into the intimate daily life of people (by giving them the chance to select the perfume) – this is building a relationship without imposing. One must dare.


There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human via Sandrine Andro


Nowadays 95% of contacts are initiated via digital. Some other particularly interesting aspect for me is the fact that luxury brands link 75% of their communication to bloggers! That’s what I call nice statistics!

I’ve particularly liked also this unexpected way of perceiving the innovator:



Authencity as a force of innovation was one of this first day’s topics of the agenda.
Nicolas Chemla shared the 10 commandments of luxury by Luxifer.


The 10 commandments of luxury :

  1. Take a walk on the wild side/ step outside – every luxury brand has its onset a visionary “unwise”, crazy stubborn, delirious gesture of doing things differently
  2. Embrace your darkness – What’s your brand’s and your customer’s hubris? What’s their darkest desire ? Their craziest, undisclosed ambition ?
  3. Be many: we are legions
  4. Defy the gods : be the hero of your own legend
  5. Get mystical : connect to other worlds
  6. Raise the deads
  7. Timeless & timely: reach for eternity
  8. Dare to be immoderate. Go for excess
  9. Create the future. Reach for the stars
  10. Keep your distance. Keep your secrets. Shroud yourself in mystery


Style is not only aesthetics it is also the way of seeing things
Elie Papiernik


Exactly the icons are the ones who manage to further develop simple ideas:  Louis Vuitton who found a solution for the traveling bourgeoisie, Coco Chanel, etc.


The success story via Filippo Meraldi: put the accent on relations, stories and magic.



Some highlights of this inspiring day by moi:

Coffee and networking since the early morning. Special thanks to Virginie for the pix 🙂


The shoes I wore for this fist day of the summit were Jancovek – love at first sight! Another lovely element of my ootd was the silk trench by Slavina Petrova.


Expérience moment with David Brown Automotive


And some gorgeous treats for the coffee by Petit déjeuner étoilé par Christophe Michalak:


So, for wrap-up: innovation is the key word for success.

The short movie by Paul & Malo will make you feel the atmosphere of the day:


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