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Streets, hats and…kiss whoever you want!


Streets, hats and…kiss whoever you want!

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I don’t know where exactly 45 Street is located, but I am pretty sure it is colorful, intriguing and provocative. One day, I’m going to find it and I’ll know for sure. Besides, this is the name of brand of a very cool and creative team who designs limited edition high-quality street style hats. So, these guys somehow provoked me to do this styling and photo-shoot:

Styleinspiratrice_45street (6) Styleinspiratrice_45street (5) Styleinspiratrice_45street (2)

Should I admit I’ve never tried on this type of hat and the look itself caused some contradictory thoughts in my mind? Firstly, I got tempted by the great color, the quality of material and perfect craftsmanship. I decided to play a bit of contrasts – of styles that, at first sight, look kind of impossible-to-combine. It is like combining the fact I am super romantic and at the same time –I am a huge fan of the hip hop culture! Actually, who and in what position could say what goes together with what and how shall we put them all together. Imagination has no boundaries – so it should be in life. That’s why, going back to the beginning – you can kiss whoever you want!

Styleinspiratrice_45street (4) Styleinspiratrice_45street (3) Styleinspiratrice_45street (1)

Hat: 45 str.

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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