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Why trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?


Why trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?

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I’ve always been convinced our [life] style is the thing that describes us best and makes us stand out from the others. With the existence itself each of us makes a statement of uniqueness and authenticity. We are different in age, size, color and preferences and that’s the best of the whole thing. I remember since my earliest age I was always looking for ways to run away from the same, massive, running out of imagination. Years later I realized everything can be given a personal touch and massive is not bad, it’s just an opportunity to be creative.

For a bold and unique impression sometimes we need nothing more than a color. In this upcoming spring season I am naturally attracted by blue shades*. I think this season this will be my newest passion and ally in my audacious choices :

 Style Inspiratrice_Blue (1) Style Inspiratrice_Blue (2) Style Inspiratrice_Blue (4) Style Inspiratrice_Blue (5)

So guys, do you like this color and would you wear it?

Head accessory  – Little Ida’s flowers by Cvetana Nedeva
Photos – Victor Stoynov

*I don’t know if I’ve shared it here, but one of my favorite movies ever is The big blue. Actually, it was my inspiration for the prom’s dress…but that’s another story.


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