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In the mood for summer, ice cream & blue


In the mood for summer, ice cream & blue

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It’s been quite some time I am a big fan of the incredible accessories created by Iskren Lozanov: from his futuristic shoes-objects to the bold, statement jewelry. I literally had a crush on the blue ice-cream necklace and immediately decided to find out more about it!

So, that’s what Iskren told me:
“The blue ice-cream is a part of the ice cream series I am elaborating in the moment. The idea come couple of years ago: in the summer I was eating an ice-cream on a stick and suddenly I saw my reflection in the window of my terrace. I remember I was wearing a chain around my neck and…

the ice cream just looked like a pendant to it. Since then the idea was in my head till the moment I put it in action.”

In case you wonder what the taste of the blue ice cream is, well it is a chewing gum – Iskren’s favorite. The designer reveals a bit more about this gorgeous accessory and tells the material used for the cone is wood; the one for the ice cream is a business secret! 😉

As for me – I know for sure what I’ll be wearing on my neck during this spring-summer season!

Iskren Lozanov - Blue ice cream


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