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Paris impressions


Paris impressions

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Style inspiratricce_Paris_1

 13th floor view

  Style inspiratricce_Paris_3

A moment at LV

Style inspiratricce_Paris_4

This is really cool

Style inspiratricce_Paris_5

And that is even cooler!

Style inspiratricce_Paris_6

 Champs Elysées, the Americans and Ladurée

Style inspiratricce_Paris_7 Style inspiratricce_Paris_8

Lunch time 😉

Style inspiratricce_Paris_10

And some Pierre Hermé degustation

Style inspiratricce_Paris_11

La vie en rose and green

Style inspiratricce_Paris_12

 Couple of days before my b-day, time for wishlist # 1:

Style inspiratricce_Paris_13

 And wishlist # 2 :

Style inspiratricce_Paris_14 Style inspiratricce_Paris_15

 Life is so much nicer with a cow with blue scarf…and bottles of milk!

Style inspiratricce_Paris_16

 Step by step into the pleasures of life

Style inspiratricce_Paris_17

 And my Yves (SL) where I can gather all my life (almost)

Style inspiratricce_Paris_18


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