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Who made your clothes? #insideout @Fash_Rev #FashionRevolution


Who made your clothes? #insideout @Fash_Rev #FashionRevolution

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What I am wearing on the pix has a clearly known origin and in its biggest part it is Bulgarian.

Style inspiratrice insideout1

 Style Inspiratrice-Insideout 3

Here are the details:
Leather blouse – Butterflies by Slavina Petrova
Tulle skirt – Butterflies by Slavina Petrova
Earrings – Jina Sheovska
In that perspective, it is great that there are Bulgarian designers who are creating and developing their lines and manage to keep their positions . It is also good the number of people who appreciate their work is increasing. I am convinced that style should incorporate the concept of sustainability, meaning we should be interested in who is behind the clothes and accessories we wear. We have to try to be informed as much as possible what are the materials, origins, production chain and to defend our values, to be able to say “no” to unethical and non-transparent producers as well as to share the best examples on the market. First step is to be curious: who makes our clothes. Today lots of people worldwide are feeling involved – designers, bloggers, fashion lovers and all these who are committed to sustainable development.
And you guys, are you interested in where the clothes you wear come from?

Style inspiratrice-insideout-fashion-revolution
PS: Here you can how French are supporting the Fashion Revolution initiative.




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